Rosemead Dentist at Happy Teeth Dental Offers Dental Restorations

A skillful, yet compassionate touch is necessary to restore long-lasting beauty to a smile in need of repair. Dr. John Pham, DMD, can rebuild damaged dentition with custom restorations made from quality materials. With a focus on gentle dental care and transformative results, Happy Teeth Dental provides for patients in Rosemead, San Gabriel, surrounding areas. 

How We Rebuild Form and Function

Our goal at Happy Teeth Dental is to provide conservative care to protect the natural smile, avoiding alteration to existing oral health whenever possible. Whether due to decay, trauma from an accident, or normal wear, Dr. Pham can provide an appropriate solution to repair damaged teeth and ease our patients’ discomfort. 

When teeth require extensive repair with a porcelain restoration, our in-office CEREC® machine can fashion up to two within a single visit. These detailed restorations share the look and comparable strength of natural teeth and fit seamlessly in patients’ smiles. For patients missing multiple teeth, we have various solutions available to make the dentition full again. 

Offering Many Options to Restore Teeth

All of the restorations our Rosemead practice provides are designed for long lasting service and to resist typical wear and tear. To address the various dental conditions our patients present, the options we offer to restore patient’s teeth include:

Inlays & Onlays –When the upper cusps of patients’ teeth are no longer functional, an onlay can be placed to restore shape and function. If less extensive repair is necessary, inlays can be fitted from inside the edges of the treated teeth. 

Veneers – Used to diminish the aesthetic impact of superficial defects in individuals’ teeth, porcelain veneers improve the appearance of smiles. For a secure and comfortable fit, veneers are affixed to prepared teeth using dental cement. 

Crowns – Following removal of decay or root canal therapy, Dr. Pham utilizes these resilient options to restore strength and structure to the visible surface of a tooth. 

Bridges​ – When many teeth are missing, fixed bridges are recommended to fulfill the functional needs of the jaw, using existing teeth as supportive anchors. 

Dentures – Patients missing entire rows of teeth can benefit from dentures, which are designed not only for dental restoration but also filling diminished gum lines. 

Implant-Supported Restorations

Dental implants are titanium prosthetics that emulate the function of your teeth’s natural roots. Attached to this secure foundation, custom restorations are placed on top of abutments and attached to implants for permanent tooth replacement. Crowns, bridges, and dentures can all be used in conjunction with implants, offering comprehensive replacement when teeth cannot be saved. Consult with our Rosemead dentist to see if dental implants can be a benefit to you. 

Contact Happy Teeth Dental to Restore Your Smile!

Dr. John Pham’s passion is helping people have a full and beautiful dentition through expert dental care. Our practice serves Rosemead, San Gabriel, and Montebello. If deficiencies in your smile are inhibiting function and beauty in your smile, call us today to schedule an appointment

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