Dental Implants from Happy Teeth Dental by Rosemead Dentist John Pham, DMD

Whether by extraction, decay, or trauma, all missing teeth leave significant gaps in the smile, but these gaps do not have to be permanently vacant. Dental implants and accompanying restorations can replace teeth for a fully functional and beautiful smile. John Pham, DMD, is our skilled dentist with extensive experience in helping patients have a full smile again. Happy Teeth Dental provides dental implant placement and restoration in Rosemead, San Gabriel and Montebello.

Dental Implants - a Permanent Dental Restoration

Dental implants are designed to be long lasting because they bond with the jaw bone. Made from titanium, implants are resilient and provide a stable foundation for restorations. They are placed directly into the jaw bone where teeth used to be, and over time they fuse with the jaw bone. With a custom abutment atop the implant, a number of restorations can be applied depending on the amount of teeth missing. Dental implants provide the opportunity to have a full smile again, no matter how many teeth are missing. Additionally, those who already use dentures are also able to replace their teeth. Dr. Pham offers All-on-Four® as a means to replace the whole smile.

Dr. Pham gives each patient the proper time and attention they require for implant success. He makes use of a cone beam scanner to make a guided surgery mouth guard, which enhances the precision of placement. For individual-tooth restorations, we can make them in-office with our CEREC® machine, which fashions custom restorations within a single visit. For multiple-tooth restorations, we have a trusted laboratory that makes them based on digital impressions. 

Your restoration options

• Crowns
• Bridges
• Dentures

Dental Implant Treatment at Happy Teeth Dental

After an initial consultation and digital impressions are taken, Dr. Pham will prepare his guided surgery. In some cases patients will need preparatory procedures to improve dental implant success. Bone grafts and sinus augmentation may be necessary to increase the strength of the jaw bone for long lasting success. Within another visit the implants will be placed, a temporary restoration attached, and then patients will need time to heal. Healing time varies, but within a few months the implants fuse to the bone and hold a strength similar to natural tooth roots. At this time, the final restorations are placed and the smile is complete. 

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