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Our smiles are an important part of our lives and affect how we eat, laugh, and smile. The appearance of our teeth affect levels of self-esteem and their health impacts our ability to comfortably enjoy meals or have conversation. When patients are young, it is important to introduce them to dentistry so they may be comfortable receiving care that will protect their smile. Dr. John Pham has wide experience in treating the smile, improving health and function for patients of all ages. Happy Teeth Dental provides dental care to children in Rosemead, Montebello, and San Gabriel.

Comprehensive Dental Care for All Children

Dr. Pham and his staff love to help children have healthy smiles, whether that is performing an important procedure, or educating parents on how to improve the smile at home. Children new to our practice will receive a thorough examination, which will serve as the foundation for future treatments. The goal is to instill in children an awareness of their smile and how important its health is to their daily life. Our thorough exams are forward-thinking, and we look for elements that may affect dental health in the future. 

We apply fluoride treatments, sealants, and other preventive dental treatments so young smiles can develop into adult dentition with full health. Dr. Pham has extensive experience in providing more advanced treatments to patients of all ages, and for kids he can handle serious decay. 

Consider our other services for children:
Stainless Steel Crowns
Tooth Extractions

Prepared to Establish Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

Through any stage of a child’s life, we are prepared to enable them with the care they need. When they reach the age for orthodontic services, we can examine the smile for misalignment and malocclusion, and direct them to an orthodontist that we trust. Throughout their teen years, we will continue to support their smile so they can have self-confidence and can even administer Invisalign®, in some cases, depending on the growth of the smile. 

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We treat every child with compassion and approach their care with a gentle touch. Parents looking for care near Rosemead, San Gabriel, and Montebello can trust Dr. Phan to give each child the dental care they deserve. Call us today, or schedule an appointment online

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