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Getting your wisdom teeth extracted is a procedure that requires following a specific set of instructions for proper post-procedure care and healing. Although full healing may not occur for a few months, the first week after extraction is by far the most important. A few factors play into how the mouth heals, including resting, eating, and caring for the treatment site. 

Get Plenty of Rest

Although patients may have pressing daily activities, healing truly comes from rest. Whether it’s your bed or the couch, being at rest allows the body to focus energy on repair. While resting, it’s important to sit up to manage blood flow, which aids in clot formation. Change out the cotton gauze at the extraction site when it feels saturated, or about every hour. For the first few days, recovering patients should not leave the house, especially while taking pain medication. 

Hydrate Often, Eat Regularly

Food and water are important resources that the body needs to heal. It may be uncomfortable to eat certain foods while recovering, but sticking to a soft diet and avoiding the use of a straw enhances recovery time. Soft mashed potatoes, soups, or smoothies (without seeds) provide the nutrients recovering patients require. Be sure to consume food items that aren’t too hot or cold, as the mouth will be sensitive to temperature. Drink water often, about 64 ounces a day, per health recommendations. After oral procedures, the lips and mouth will be dry, and sedation can sometimes cause an upset stomach. Drinking water and eating easily digestible foods soothes the stomach and hydrates oral tissues. 

Protect your Smile

Careful maintenance of extraction sites is important to healing and prevention of infection or complications. Dry socket, which happens when the blood clot is dislodged from the socket, exposes tissues to air and food particles. This can lead to infection and discomfort. By resting and eating the proper foods, patients protect the blood clot. In some cases, antibiotics are administered if signs of infection develop. Patients need to commit to finishing their allotted prescription to prevent advanced infection. 

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